Aside from having yet to see "The Road" and "Red Cliff Part II" I figure the end of the year is a few days away and it's time for my feeble attempt at a best of list.

Here goes nothing:

1.) "Up in the Air"
2.) Inglorious Basterds
3.) Black Dynamite
4.) District 9
5.) Star Trek
6.) The Informant!
7.) Red Cliff
8.) The Men Who Stare At Goats
9.) Taken
10.) Observe and Report

I imagine once I see it "Red Cliff: Part 2" will occupy a top 5 spot as the first part (a 2008 release) was better than most of the films on my list. The international cut is worth seeing, simply for the spectacle on the screen and the amazement that a 140 and 130 minute pair of films were edited to one coherent 150 minute package.

Worst of 2009: The Marine 2. Straight to DVD and still not set for release until next Tuesday, but more awful than you can imagine, even for a straight to DVD sequel of a crappy movie, featuring a mid-card wrestler as the star.