Greetings, I recently purchased a Samsung S-10+ and attempted to pair it with the Navigation/Radio System (2013 Azera). After several failed attempts I contacted the dealer and ask if they sell Navigation System updates. They don't and referred me to I then checked their page and it wasn't clear to me whether or not the upgrade covered the Bluetooth connectivity issue so I wrote them yesterday to specifically ask that question and their answer today was even more confusing so I thought I would come here and ask members what if anything you did to connect the newer version cell phones. I seldom use the Navigation System and don't want to spend $145.00 to upgrade POI etc without knowing for sure if the Bluetooth issue is addressed in the newer version software. A Side note: While at the dealership I test drove the New Kona (All Electric) SUV and the Sales guy told me that Bluetooth is so yesterday and all the new cars have Apple/Android Play. I downloaded the App (Andriod Play) last night and tried to connect using the hard wire configuration without success. So, if anyone can advise me on what steps to take to get this phone connected to the car would be greatly appreciated. They are marking up the Kona's an additional 5K$ here and in the San Francisco Bay area they are marking them up to 10K$ per the sales guy.